Town of Saratoga, NY

Not to be confused with the city of Saratoga Springs, Saratoga is a small town with government offices located in Schuylerville. Their mailing address is 12 Spring Street, Schuylerville, NY 12871. The Town Clerk's office can be reached at (518) 695-3644 ext. 311. Both Town Justices have clerks that can be reached by phone at extensions 315 and 327. Please refer to the town's official website at or the most accuratea up-to-date contact information and other notices.

City of Saratoga Springs, NY

Saratoga Springs isn't quite as old but is much larger than the nearby town. Their official website is and contains a lot of information and contact numbers. According to their website, the Assistant City Clerk can be reached by phone at (518) 587-3550 and that might be a good place to get started if you are looking for more information about your V&T case. Detailed instructions about how to plead guilty or not guilty should appear on the ticket itself, but if you no longer have the ticket in your possession usually the Court Clerk or Justice's Clerk can help you out. If you would rather, feel free to contact our office and we may be able to help. If you will be hiring Mr. Kehoe to defend your case, please make sure to send us a copy of your signed, not-guity ticket. We will also be sending you an email with further instructions after speaking with someone from our office by phone.

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